Inciting Incident or Plot Point? 9/7/2009

07 Sep

I will spend part of the day writing, even if it doesn’t happen till midnight.  I have a critique group that meets tonight and have a chapter and a synopsis to go over for someone in the group. 

But before I can do anything I have to meet with a seller to get some paperwork signed.  My day job is as a REALTOR and I wish it could be put off until tomorrow but alas, it can’t.

I know I need to set some goals and stick with them but I am hesitant to make a word count goal until I know where this story is actually going.  I thought I had a premise but now I’m not so sure if it is correct.  I’ve written the scene that  introduced the premise now I’m not sure if that scene is a plot point or an inciting incident.  For now, I plan to just continue writing and work out the details later. 

How do you determine the difference between an inciting incident and the actual plot point?  Can they be the same thing?

Let me know what you think?

One of my author friends who has already published six books and was stumbling along like I am, with one of them.  Her agent was very supportive but finally, she told her to just write the da*med thing.  I think that is where I am.  I need to just write so that is why today’s post is brief.

Until next time,


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