Writing When the Words Won’t Come

08 Sep

I have been thinking about my story a lot over the past few days.  I have also been fighting sleep.  Never got to bed until 1:00 AM, last night.  Worried, mostly about things I cannot control or maybe it’s just my age.  They say that as we grow older, we need less sleep.  Maybe that’s all it is.

The days have been so warm and beautiful, each day filled with clear blue skies, emerald green lawns, and no need for an air conditioner.  I think part of my melancholy is thinking about the change in seasons coming soon. I love summer and have not found much to like about winter except visually when it covers everything in a white blanket that lights the night. Yeah, I do like that part of winter, to look at it as long as I don’t have to actually experience the icy roads and bitter winds.

Like I said in the beginning, I have been thinking about my story but I haven’t been able to put very much down on paper.  I have been at a crossroads in my personal life and the past week, I’ve been taking care of things so that I can move on.  It’s always sad to give up something that has meant a great deal to you but there is also the adventure of starting something new.  Whatever I do with my personal life, I think once everything is settled, my writing will become easier.  It’s like I’ve been travelling to that new place but I still don’t see the destination. I know it’s out there. It scares me but it also excites me, just a little.

I know everyone says to just plant your butt in the chair and write.  I have but nothing worthwhile has come of it. So I decided to write today about how I feel and maybe by writing about it, I can purge it and go on.

I promise to get back to my story…tomorrow.

Tell me, how do you handle writing everyday when life gets in the way? What motivates you to go on? Tell me your secrets, I really need to know.



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4 responses to “Writing When the Words Won’t Come

  1. Isobael

    September 12, 2009 at 11:20 am

    I try to write a little something, even if I’m dragging those words out from the miasma.

    Sometimes, it’s a couple of sentences, sometimes I just write where I want the next bit of paragraphs to be about. Sort of like, putting plot points in place so that when the words do come, I know what I want it to be and where.

    I sort of know what you’re feeling right now. Hubby was just laid off from work about a month ago and I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 12 years. We’re not sure what’s going to happen and the stress has been piling up on the both of us with our worries.

    A lot of times, I sit and stare at the screen, my mind going a million miles per hour with the real life stuff that it drowns out what my characters want to say or do for the story.


    • virginiagruver

      September 12, 2009 at 5:18 pm

      Thanks for the comment. I am doing better. It is a new chapter in my life and I plan to embrace it. Love to hear how others write. Feel free to chime in any time.


  2. virginiagruver

    September 9, 2009 at 9:35 am

    Thanks Cheryl,
    Things are better just having made a decision. That’s what I like about writing. No matter what else you do in life, it is the one thing that you never have to give up. Its always there for you no matter what else you do with your life.


  3. Cheryl

    September 8, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    Usually, when life is getting in the way, I take a break from writing. It sometimes helps me get things settled faster if I don’t push through on the writing.

    On the other hand, if it looks like it might be a long break, I try to write even a few sentences each day, just to keep my head in the story. By promising myself that I’ll just do a small amount of writing, I don’t feel guilty when I stop.



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