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Whatever it Takes to Reach a Goal

My critique group decided a few weeks ago to set goals between meetings. We thought that would help us push through to the end of our project a little better. We didn’t just set a goal, we also decided that if that goal wasn’t met, we would have to put $10.00 into kind of a swear jar. I think you can see where this is going. If we didn’t make the goal, we would swear and then owe the money.  Well even if we don’t swear, we owe the money.

The first time around, I was the only one who met my goal.  My writing went well those two weeks, remember my honeymoon period? I worked every day pushing myself through writing two chapters. At that time, we were meeting on Sunday. I worked until 11:00 PM and finished my writing but then I still needed to critique two chapters for one critique partner. I stayed up till 1:00 AM and I did get it done. Don’t feel sorry for me, I tend to be a night owl and actually like staying up till that time. At least that night I had something constructive to do.

I felt great the next day when we met until I found out neither of my partners had met their goal so had to divvy up.  I don’t know what happened for sure to get me off track this past week because after meeting yesterday, I too had to contribute. The money will be for a good thing, down the road. We plan to use it next year to help pay for a writer’s retreat.

Because our group was short a third person, we decided to forgo our goals until out next meeting when we can all be there together.  I have set my own goal of a chapter a week, even though it is just for me.  I will have a much better chance to accomplish it because I will be taking vacation next week and have scheduled a little mini-retreat with one of my critique partners at a Bed and Breakfast for a couple of days. Two days of writing without any distractions.

I did finish reading ‘The Help’, and I think it will be another Classic.  If you enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird, I do believe you would enjoy this book. I am planning to go see the movie this weekend, another goal for this week.

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