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C is for Cliche

“A cliché is like a coin that has been handled too much. Once language has been overly handled, it no longer leaves a clear imprint.” – Janet Fitch

We often think of words when we think of clichés but they are more than words or phrases, they can be plots, settings, situations, or characters. clichés are what usually pop up first because we’ve heard them so often, they are imprinted on our brains.

Revising will weed out these blunders. When you revise your own work or critique someone else’s make a point of looking for anything that has been overused.

Some suggestions when revising:

  • Highlight clichés and then see how colorful your page is. Then tone it down.
  • Read your work aloud, sometimes that makes it stand out more.
  • The first choice may not be best, list more choices and choose one that doesn’t feel so stale.
  • Don’t settle for common settings, situations, or word choices. Now is the time to look for something more unique.

We had a wonderful CIFW meeting this month and thanks to Tami for sharing her work for critique. I left motivated to come home and write. Anytime that happens, it is a good day.

I’ve been reading a couple of books the past few days. One fiction and the other writing reference. The novel is ‘The Witch’s Ladder‘ by Dana E. Donovan. It is the first in a series. I don’t usually buy self published books but after reading a few reviews decided to check it out.  I have to say, I think these are very well written. I have purchased two so far and unless something totally throws me out of the story, will probably buy them all.

The reference book I am reading is ‘Outlining Your Novel’ by K. M. Weiland. I really like her suggestions for outlining. She has a step by step approach that makes sense.

Now that life has gotten back to some semblance of order, I plan to get myself into a routine of writing. I met a woman this weekend who is married with two small children. She is working on her second book, and no one knows she is writing. She attended a meeting this weekend and told her husband she had a few errands to run. I think I know where she is coming from. It is hard to tell everyone what you are doing, cause what happens if it doesn’t go anywhere. I hope she continues to write and come to our meetings.  She inspired me, more than she knows.

Have a great week writing, and reading.


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