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J is for Juggling

“I have spent so long erecting partitions around the part of me that writes – learning how to close the door on it when ordinary life intervenes, how to close the door on ordinary life when it’s time to start writing again. –that I’m not sure I could fit the two parts of me back together now.” – Anne Tyler

This is probably the most difficult part of my life. I feel the yearning to write when I am at work and there is no way because my job takes total concentration. Because of that total concentration all day, I often find myself coming home at night without the energy to write, even though I feel that need.

Ever since I took a Franklin Planner class while working for a past employer, I believe that planning is the key. If I schedule my writing as an appointment, I will do it. By writing it down, I also have something to look forward to at the end of the day, or at the beginning.  This system also helps you set both short and long term goals. If you haven’t ever tried this system, you can check it out online, or if you are lucky enough to have a store in your area, stop in and look around. The system contains all you need to set it up and walk you through the process.

It is the power of the word. If I write it down, I make it a priority.

How do you juggle the important things in your life?

May you make all of your writing appointments this week.


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