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House of Many Shadows – Book Review

I recently suggested this author, Barbara Michaels, to a writer friend. I have to confess, I read several books by this author years ago and thought I’d read all of them. I was wrong. I discovered a few more that I must have missed and this is one of them.

House of Many Shadows is about Meg Rittenhouse, a young woman who was hurt in an accident and has been experiencing hallucinations. Her doctor said her mind was playing tricks on her. A wealthy relative offers to let Meg move into one of many homes she owns to recuperate. The home, a large mansion in New England, comes with a caretaker, Andy Brenner, whose family once owned the home. Meg soon discovers that Andy has his own issues and she suspects her cousin has allowed him to stay to recover also. A romance begins to blossom while they discover that the hallucinations that start up again are shared. Meg is relieved to know that they are not further evidence of her mental health but isn’t sure how to deal with the fact that the home may be haunted.

The two work together to dig into the homes history and discover who in the netherworld is trying to get their attention and why.  They also find themselves the target of the previous renter; a dangerous artist who is an alcoholic and harasses them. The home is stock full of antiques and the former tenant attempts to steal them.  He and his wife are dangerous and Meg and Andy are never sure if the ghostly activity is real or the tenant trying to scare them.

All in all it was an enjoyable read. I would recommend it for anyone who likes cozy mysteries with a little paranormal.

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