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Wednesday WIP

Writers are people who desperately need habits to fill up their days.” Ann Patchett

What can I say, I have messed around with this story idea so long. Trying to get a solid outline so that I will have my road map to finish but I wasn’t getting anywhere. I felt edgy wanting to write but thinking I needed to figure out just a little bit more of the story.

So I started blogging more. Blogging for me is like priming the pump. The more words I release, the more I want to write – especially on the novel.

I can’t say I finished the outline, at least not like I wanted it but I feel like I know enough of the story to start writing. Over the past few weeks I have written a few scenes. Some feel disjointed, not sure if I will keep all of them but I guess that is what a first draft is for.

Because my urge to write was so strong, I put all the scenes I’ve written so far together and added another this week. So far my word count is 2619 words. Not a lot when I am aiming for around 80,000 words. That means for me to get the first draft done by the end of September, I need to write 1289 words a day. A little over 5 pages a day. I have written 50,000 in 30 days during NaNoWriMo a couple of times so I know I can do it.

I am going to set my goal at 1289 words a day for the next 60 days. I will not expect perfection. I will push forward and make this happen.

That is just the first of many goals before I will be ready to send anything out.  I will blog weekly about my progress and maybe some of the struggles.  I hope you will follow along on my journey. This is the year I will make the dream of completing a novel come true. No matter how bad I think it is, I will continue until the end. I will lock my editor up until needed. The next 60 days are just for writing.

How do you push through that first draft? What are your secrets? Advice welcome.

Happy Writing!


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