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Tuesday Tip

“With the right hat, nothing else matters.” LaPaloma Hats

A writer has to wear many hats while writing a book. While pounding out that first draft you have to wear the writer’s hat. Keep that hat on your head until you’ve finished the first draft. Don’t even think about putting on the Editor’s hat, yet.

But once you’ve written The End, it still isn’t time to put on that Editor’s hat. Give yourself a break. Let the story rest for a while before you jump back in for an edit. Time will allow you a fresher view.

When the time is right, pull the Editor’s hat out and start reading through your work. If a scene doesn’t have a purpose or help move the story forward, weed it out. If you have too many characters and could consolidate some, get rid of them. Kill your darlings and get on with it.

Once you’ve polished the story and it sparkles, take off that Editor’s hat and grab your Marketing hat. Research who might be interested in your story and start sending your work out. Keep it organized so you don’t forget who you’ve sent to and who has responded. Attend some conferences with the intention of pitching your book.  Be proud when someone offers a contract. With persistence it will happen, if you want it enough. Be proud also of those rejections. You are miles further along than many writers.

Once you’ve sold sit back for a while, maybe on the beach, with a good book and a beach hat. Until you’ve received your revisions and then it’s time to grab the Editor’s hat again…

Do you find it difficult to focus on each phase of your writing? Which hat are you most comfortable wearing?

Wishing you a wonderful week of writing.


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