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Moon Signs – Book Review

Moon Signs by Helen Haught Fanick

This was an enjoyable read. The lead characters are sisters who are in their late fifties, early sixties. One is a widow the other never married. Their niece is working at a lodge in a mountain range on the east coast that had been owned at one time by the sister’s family. There is a rumor that there are a couple of Monet‘s stashed away there that belong to the family.

A sister and brother now own the lodge. He is romantically involved with the niece and his sister doesn’t like it. The lodge owner’s sister is a disagreeable character and they soon discover that not many people like her. Shortly after they arrive someone kills her. There are a slew of diverse characters who all make great suspects.

This is a cozy so not much violence but there are plenty of threats to the co-protagonists and twists and turns to make you keep guessing. I liked the idea of moon phases affecting the story line and the author did mention it a couple of times but then nothing more. Would have liked to see more of that connection, especially with the title being ‘Moon Signs’.

I would recommend to anyone who loves cozy mysteries.

Not sure what I will read next. So many books, so little time.

What are you reading?


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