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What I’ve Been Doing Wednesday

I had to change the theme for Wednesday. Not that I haven’t been working on my project but because I don’t feel I have enough to share each week. I have written another scene even though this past week was one that I was busy pretty much every day. Before I started writing, I spent a great deal of time, ironing out my story line. I finally feel like I have it where I want it. I can’t share much about the story because I am one of those writers who has to be surprised myself. If I tell the story here before I’ve actually written it, I won’t want to finish it. I will feel like I’ve already told the story.

My word count was so small, I hate to even admit it. I wrote only about 240 new words. Ouch, that really hurt but as I said, most of my time was spent working on my outline and I do like the direction I am going now.

Other than writing, I do read a little every day, usually right before bed. I finish a book within a week or two that way. The last book I read was Susan McBride’s ‘Little Black Dress’. Loved it. I have a review to post tomorrow night about that.

I try not to watch too much television but I do look at it as research. Watched the season finale for ‘Longmire‘, a mystery series set in Wyoming. Longmire is the Sheriff. Lots of story lines that kept getting more tangled as the season progressed. Longmire is a widower and the season opened with his grieving and trying to get on with life. His right hand man, is a woman. She is married but spends so many hours on the job, her marriage isn’t looking too good. His other deputy is running for Sheriff against him, as well as sleeping with his daughter. That all came to a head toward the end of the season. Each week, there is another murder to solve. Longmire has a dry sense of humor and actually reminds me of a more laid back Indiana Jones type cowboy. I know that probably doesn’t make sense. Watch it sometime, you’ll see what I mean. If you missed it, check out the re-runs. I will be waiting for next season.

Spent my day off with friend Sara in Winterset. Where they filmed ‘Bridges of Madison County.’ We drove out to Roseman bridge, the one from the movie. Sara was surprised to see how far the bridge actually was from Winterset. It is out in the middle of no where on a gravel road. There is a house next to it that is now a gift shop. It was closed while we were there. And this is a little tidbit not shared in the movie. They say a man was hung on that bridge and that it is now haunted. Didn’t see any ghosts. Did take lots of pictures maybe to use sometime on my blog. Another little tidbit. One of my writer friends, who has since moved from Iowa to Florida, her son played Francesca’s son as a little boy in the movie.

Well, I have to get back to my novel. Hope to have a much higher word count by next week.

Happy writing,


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