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Tuesday Tip

Here is a tip, I learned recently at a workshop. Whenever you get stuck with your story and have no idea what to do next. Get up and move. Take a walk. Stand up and flap your arms or do air push ups where you raise your arms above your head and act like you are pushing up.

I sometimes take a break and vacuum. I have a two story house and that is a pretty good workout. Moving and doing something that I don’t have to think about leaves my mind open to work on my story.

The act of moving gets your adrenaline going and helps you think better. Janet Evanovich has a treadmill next to her desk. After writing for so long, she hops on and walks for about 20 minutes then she goes back to writing.

I like to walk before I start writing. I tend to think about my story as I move. Try to keep a notepad or a tape recorder handy in case a brilliant idea pops up.

Do you use activity to break through a block? What are some of your tricks for moving forward when you get stuck?

Have a great writing week!


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