What I’ve Been Reading

10 Jan

The one book I finished was ‘Not One Clue’ by Lois Greiman. It is a series with the protagonist as a psychologist who can’t seem to keep out of trouble. She has a hot police detective boyfriend, Jack Rivera, who she met with the first book, ‘Unzipped’. In that one she was counseling a star football player who tried to make the moves on her in her office with his pants down, right before he fell over and died. Try explaining that to the police. Lois has a cast of quirky characters who make you want to come back for more. If you are an Evanovich fan, you would love this series.

I started reading a couple books on my Kindle. The first was ‘Blue Moon Rising‘ by Lillian Francken. I was hoping for more than it had to offer. With the prologue and the title I was sure it was going to be a werewolf story. I read the first six chapters and there was a murder but it felt like another serial killer, nothing mysterious. It was like the author forgot about what she promised in the prologue. There were a few animal mutilations and I think she was leading into what I had been hoping for but her pacing was so slow I couldn’t hang in to finish it.  I think she may have had a good story there but the poorly edited book made it difficult to want to continue so I didn’t. I put it away in a folder for books that didn’t live up to my expectations. Maybe someday I will try to read it again but with so many other books to read it probably won’t happen unless someone else has read this book and can tell me to hang in to the end.

The other Kindle book I started is ‘The Secret Circle: The Initiation and The Captive Part I by L.J. Smith. I found this book because Chiller has been playing marathons of ‘The Secret Circle  on Tuesday nights and I got sucked in. It is about a coastal town where a group of six teens discover they are witches. They work together to find out what happened  in the past that killed most of their parents. Because I have missed some of the series I decided to read the books. Again it was a bargain on Kindle – only .99 but this time I think it was worth it. This author tells a good story. So far so good.

The last book is one that I purchased but haven’t used yet. It is ‘The Writer’s Lab – A Place to Experiment with Fiction‘ by Sexton Burke. It is full of pages with prompts and exercises that allow you to play with your story and your writing.

I am taking another online writing class this month so probably spending too much time reading and not enough time writing but what can I say, writers read.

What have you been reading? Any recommendations?


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2 responses to “What I’ve Been Reading

  1. Margot Kinberg

    January 11, 2013 at 7:51 am

    Virginia – You’ve got an interesting variety of books there! I don’t blame you though for not finishing Blue Moon Rising. It doesn’t seem like my kind of book either… I’ll be looking forward to reading what you think of The Writer’s Lab; it sounds interesting.


    • virginiagruver

      January 11, 2013 at 9:06 am


      Thanks for the comment. From one reader to another. Have a great Friday.



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