Planning a Novel Week 2 – With a Cold

07 Jan

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I don’t know if it is the horrible Holiday Cold I have been suffering with or what, but this week was not so productive. I came down with this cold the Wednesday before Christmas. It is mostly gone except for I sound like I have a frog in my throat. I have been drinking lots of liquids and I admit a couple nights I had some eggnog with a little Captain Morgan Rum. I thought it might help burn it out of my throat. It didn’t but then afterwards I didn’t care so much.

About all I’ve managed to do this week is play with my plot idea and try to come up with my plot points which was my plan. I am still trying to figure it out. I think I need to work on my characters more. I still don’t know my protagonist that well. Part of me wants her to be a Private Investigator and then another part of me wants her to be a Realtor. I have had friends who suggested the Realtor because I was one and you know that write what you know thingy keeps popping up.

Well I need to work on that this week along with everything else that didn’t get done. I managed to get one room cleared of Christmas decorations, later today I will take down the second tree and the few other things left to put away. And while I do that I will ponder my story a little longer. I tend to brainstorm better when I am doing other things. Usually things that make it difficult to take notes, like take a shower or wash dishes or drive.

I am focusing more on writing descriptions of the characters that have less to do with how they look and more with who they are. I try to find out what they want, why, and how they plan to achieve it. When it comes to the actual physical descriptions, I rely on google to find photos of people that remind me of what I picture them to look like. I am using OneNote to keep my story organized. I have Scrivener but haven’t committed to using it yet. I am more comfortable with Word.

I use OneNote for work. It’s set up, so we can keep personal notes on it, I call them my cheat sheets. It also allows our team to share information that we can all see. I soon discovered how useful it could be for my novels. If you haven’t tried it, you might check it out. It is part of the Office Suite of products that comes with Word, Excel, and all the rest. I didn’t find the learning curve too scary.

I am still reading – Magpie Murders, about half way through it. I am a slow reader and cannot usually get through a book in a week anymore. This one is also big but keeping my interest.

It is getting closer to the first meeting of my local chapter of Romance Writers of America. This month is when we introduce the members who haven’t seen my emails and Facebook posts about what to look forward to. No speaker this month but we will be focusing on goals and preparing members for critique. We are switching up how we critique this year. In the past, we would get someone to volunteer to send their work out to the members and then the next month we would all critique it. It worked but it felt like it didn’t work for enough people. So, starting this month, I am encouraging anyone who wants a critique to bring it to the meeting and someone will take it home to critique and bring back. The one rule is that if you bring something, you must critique someone else’s work. I will be emailing a message to the group later today and relay to the out of town members to email the group and look for someone to share a critique with. We don’t have many out of town people, but we do have  one author who lives in Florida in the winter and other members who drive a long way (One person drives 3 hours one way to a meeting each month.) and others who drive 1-2 hours to get here. With Iowa winters it isn’t always possible for them to make a meeting.

If you are a member of RWA and are interested in joining our local chapter, check us out on the National site. We are working on setting up PayPal, for some reason we must do it yearly. Or you can always contact me, and we can get a membership form to you to fill out and return with a check.

If romance isn’t your thing, I also belong to the local Sister in Crime chapter. The same applies to that group if you are interested.

My mantra for this week is – I will complete my novel planning, so I can start writing the novel.

Have you written down your goals for 2018? Are you writing? Are you reading and if so, what?

May this week be productive for all of us.

Until next time,

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One response to “Planning a Novel Week 2 – With a Cold

  1. Margot Kinberg

    January 7, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    I hope you feel yourself again soon. A cold is no fun, and it does slow down everything!



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