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Birthdays – Goals – Life

Today was my birthday. Used to get depressed thinking about another year older and no closer to my goals. If I could choose what I really wanted to do with my life, I can tell you it wouldn’t be working in a call center. Before you start feeling too sorry for me, it isn’t like I have been doing it my whole life. I have done many things over the years. Worked at a local grocery store in the gifts and cards area in high school, a one girl office, a purchasing department, three different insurance companies as a commissions clerk, assistant underwriting tech, and  administrative assistant in a wellness center. On top of all that, I was a REALTOR for 15 years. It just about broke my heart to give up being my own boss as a REALTOR to do what I’m doing now but it’s just another chapter in my life.

That said, if I could do anything that I wanted, I would be writing full-time. But you know what they say about people in Hades and well, you know.

As if my writing goal was not enough, I have decided to lose weight and become a little more healthy.  My life is way more sedentary than it used to be. Being a REALTOR  is more  physical than most people think, unless you have assistants, and I didn’t. Besides the usual meeting with buyers and sellers you had to service listings and that meant putting signs in yards and taking them out. This time of year was dreadful. The ground is frozen and it involved a lot of lugging hot water in milk jugs and yanking and pulling on signs and lock box stakes. I don’t miss that. You also had to tour houses every week and that meant rushing through maybe a dozen houses in a short period of time, usually within 2-3 hours and that is a lot of going up and down stairs. I don’t miss that either.

Most days now are spent sitting at a desk moving infrequently. When I am not at work, I spend more time in front of my computer at home, writing and moving infrequently.

So I have decided to add another tab to my blog and write about my adventure in losing weight and getting fit. I will try to post as often as I can about what I am doing and the results. Don’t cringe, I will not share any fat photos. I will share my journey and encourage anyone else out there to join me. I know there have got to be a few writers who are struggling with weight gain too. Feel free to share your secrets and encouragement. I will need it.

Watch for Lois Greiman’s guest blog on the 9th. If you like romance or mystery. She’s got you covered.



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