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Bringing a Story to Life

I am on the path of writing a first draft. I find that my words are lean without a lot of fluff. That is how I write the first draft. Later as I edit, I add details that bring the story world to life, at least it does for me.

A linen table cloth gives you a different vision than a red checked plastic cloth on a table. If you use only a tablecloth as your description it leaves a wide range of ways to interpret your description.

His eyes were blue.


His eyes were steel blue or icy blue, or baby blue, or the color of blue that could pull a woman into his arms with a wink.

Use your senses and be specific. What does your character hear, smell, touch, as well as see. Adding in the specifics pulls the reader into the story.

Use the name of locations, the Mississippi river instead of the river. The Midwest or Kansas City, MO. Which gives you a better picture in your mind’s eye?

I am finding that using more detail is adding to my word count significantly. But unlike my attempts with Nanowrimo in the past, I am adding not just words but a real story.

How do you bring your story to life? What keeps pulling you back each day to write? Do your characters take over or do you plan their every move?

I will share more of my writing journey and would love to hear about your experience along the way. 







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