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G is for Goal

“The trouble with doing nothing is you never know when you’re finished.” – Anonymous

Goal setting is the one thing you do just for you. No one else really cares what your goals are because it isn’t important to them. Not like it is for you.

Once you decide what it is that you want to accomplish, then you can determine what your goal is. If you want to complete a manuscript, you could set a goal of writing for a specific amount of time, each day, week, and month. I wouldn’t suggest making your goal all about time though. You could spend an hour a day sitting in front of a blank page and not get anywhere. I would suggest making a specific goal that you can measure, like 500 words a day or a page a day.  Don’t start out with a goal that is not realistic. Set a goal that is achievable and then raise it.

Once you’ve met your goal, reward yourself. I am one of those people who can handle delayed gratification, at least for a while. I often watch last season’s television shows because by the time I hear people talking about the current season it’s usually half over. So what I do is order the previous season on Netflix. After I meet a goal, I give myself an evening with True Blood, The Walking Dead, or Downton Abbey. I can indulge without guilt because I met my goal.

Find what works best for you but be realistic. Your goal must be specific, it must be measurable, and you need to have a completion date to aim form. It’s okay to have a long term goal but give yourself those baby steps along the way. Nothing is more frustrating than working toward something and not seeing any progress. Those short term goals will get you to that long term goal of a finished manuscript.

Do you have goals and do you reward yourself?

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