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Murder Most Persuasive – Book Review

Thanks to Librarything I just finished reading Murder Most Persuasive by Tracy Kiely. It is an entertaining story about Elizabeth Parker, the protagonist who has a penchant for everything Jane Austen. When her great-uncle Martin dies her family comes together for the funeral. His not so grieving widow leaves the next day for a health spa and the family who purchased one of their homes digs up the pool and finds a body that was placed there the last time Elizabeth’s family got together, several years earlier at a fourth of July celebration. That was the night Elizabeth’s cousin Regina broke her engagement with the murder victim. It was also the night the victim attacked Elizabeth’s other cousin and Reggie’s Sister Ann. After that night, the family had assumed the victim had decided to get as far from them as possible, especially since they discovered his theft of a million dollars. The situation places everyone at the scene of the crime and all as possible suspects.

Like an Austen character, Elizabeth not only finds time to solve the mystery, she also does a little matchmaking.

It was a well written, enjoyable read with characters that are nicely developed. I had noticed the covers from this series before but had just not gotten to reading any of them. I will keep them in mind in the future and would recommend them to anyone who loves a cozy mystery.

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